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Sometimes Mommas Need a Time Out Too

Today ended up being a crappy day. I got to bed extra late on Tuesday and I didn’t sleep well because the kids didn’t sleep well. I decided not to get up at 5am for a workout thinking the extra … Continue reading

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Good Idea, Bad Idea

Tuesday we spent with D and K. After letting the kids play for a bit, we got them started with Cheerios. They wanted a little snack and Cheerios are little circles! So we talked about the word cereal and how … Continue reading

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C is for….

Monday was kind of a haphazard-ish day. I started a new schedule that required my getting up super-de-duper early for working out (such a love hate relationship with that whole early thing) and I thought more was planned out but … Continue reading

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>Me Being Productive

>Productivity was at a standstill the beginning of this week (as you may remember if you had read my previous posts. Which you totally should be, btw.). However, with the help of D it ended quite well. Wednesday I was finally … Continue reading

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>Tuesday was a play day. We were all still trying to get back into a good schedule and I’m still working on getting 100% healthy. I’m almost there just not all the way. We hung out with D and K … Continue reading

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>When Momma Gets Sick

>Over the weekend I caught somebody’s cold. Replace “Kitteh” with “kids” and “sodas” with “water” and this is our house Thankfully nothing more, but the simple cold virus makes me sleep like crap so I have no energy the next … Continue reading

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>Finding Bugs And a Question For You

>We were supposed to go to the aquarium with some family that is in town (who also happen to homeschool!) but O hasn’t been feeling well and I would hate to pass on any bug she may have. Instead we kept … Continue reading

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