>A good friend of mine (I’ll call her D) has decided to start this journey with me.  She has a 2 year old (and some change) boy so he’s right in line with M.  I’ll call him K.  That works, right?

Anyway, so yesterday was our first day of lessons.  We spent the last week figuring out a lesson plan that included some more traditional lessons like flashcard-type learning and coloring along with little crafts, a few songs and rhymes plus reading.  Overall it went pretty well but I think we need to modify it a bit.  Of course, my kids are going to take a little while to get into a new routine that doesn’t just include running around the house playing whatever the hell they want.  I totally don’t expect this to go perfectly and I know that at their ages, everything is learning.  So it’s a win.

Our projects included the letter A alligator.  They turned out SUPER cute and they made them chomp while we recited a little rhyme (they are not attached to those papers, I just wanted it to show up better).  The kids really seemed to like them.

Most of the coloring was done by O on the pages posted on the wall.

We also helped them make ants out of egg crate.  I could not find stupid pipe cleaners (didn’t help that I waited till the last minute) so we used some sticks from the backyard.  They turned out cute but none of the kids were very interested in coloring them.  They wanted to color the inside, little weirdos.  So D and I basically finished it for them, helped them draw a little smiley and they stuck the eyes on.  Then we marched them around the backyard singing “The Ants Go Marching”.  Pretty sure this was a win in their books.

(shush about the lack of legs, they didn’t notice)

I should note, I did NOT come up with these ideas myself.  I am totally not that creative.  So here are the websites I used for my ideas:

Brightly Beaming Resources
No Time For Flash Cards

I also did a lot of googling for ideas on rhymes and songs and everything else.  But these were the 3 I took most of my ideas from.

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