>Day 2 was not so awesome. Immediately after eating breakfast O wanted to color so I handed her a new A printout with the long sound (acorn, ape, apron). Awesome start, right? Well, M wanted nothing to do with us. He was too busy playing with his toys. That was fine, it gave me a chance to do more with her on the sound and going over the words and information about them.

O knows apron since she loves wearing hers to help me cook. She didn’t know what an acorn was but after telling her it was a nut from a tree I asked her what animals she thought ate the acorns and she immediately piped up with “a squirrel!” She loves her some squirrels. We talked a bit about an ape and the differences between them and monkeys and to demonstrate I walked around the room like an ape making deep oo ahah sounds. OMG, they thought that was the funniest thing ever. Pretty sure I looked like a total idiot but they liked it and it stuck in O’s head to demonstrate later so whatever. I’m good.

After that we made an ape. It was poorly thought out by myself. I thought she would want to color the ape herself. Which she liked (M colored his too). But she lost all interest once I had to cut it out. Which took a minute (and by a minute, I mean too long). I had checked on doing a mask instead but couldn’t find one that represented a good ape. Oh well, they both played with their finished apes all day so that’s a win.

The apes
O was a little frustrated that M didn’t color the head of his ape. She is a little controlling (do I forsee some OCD in her future?)

I tried reading them some books (very cute books might I add). But alas, try is the key word there. 

O was extra ornery today for some reason (she didn’t even want to make paper airplanes!). She just wasn’t interested in much so instead I just let them play. Late in the day when O started to get sleepy and therefore a little mean and aggressive I put on a Leap Frog show about the alphabet and she was singing and dancing along. So whatever. It’s educational and both kids like it. And it helped her mood. That’s a definite win.

Not a great day but not a fail by any means. I know it’s going to take her some time to get used to this stuff and that’s ok. She’s super excited about our visit to the aquarium tomorrow and there is nothing but fun learning there so woo hoo for that!

Although I have a perfect place to set up a little bulletin board type thing for them, it just isn’t smart to do that with the impending move. So for now, I just taped a few of the most recent coloring pages up on our wall. It works, for now.

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3 Responses to

  1. JayneSees says:

    >I was thinking about you last night! I so wish that I lived closer, so that i could take part! I definitely want to set something up like this for my O, but maybe in a few more months. At the 16 month mark, I'm not sure he's ready for me to launch full in.In the meantime, I will be skulking around here and stealing…ahem, gathering up ideas! Yay!

  2. Cave Momma says:

    >I'm sure we could find something to do around that area one day. Even just a walk around the neighborhood looking for flowers or rocks or whatever would keep these guys happy. If you have a park nearby we could just go there. Everything is learning at that age!

  3. Cave Momma says:

    >Oh, and steal away. I sure didn't come up with these ideas by my lonesome.

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