>Field Trip!

>Day 3 = FAB!

We headed to a local aquarium. Cabrillo Marine Aquarium to be exact. It isn’t the biggest or best but it’s pretty perfect for young kids. It’s donation only so you choose your price to get in and parking, although not free, is cheap.

We went through the main building exhibit that has lots of tanks filled with all kinds of fish, tons of starfish and sea urchins, etc. We waited around for the touch pool to open since that was a must obviously. They were able to touch all kinds of things and see small sharks up close (no touching of that!). It was a total hit and the girl talking about the creatures was very friendly and seemed quite knowledgeable. It helped that there weren’t many people there.

After that we checked out the Exploration Center where it is very kid oriented. There was an interactive recycling station (M loved that), a worm hole they could go through and a crawl-under tank. Plus there was a dress-up area where they could pretend to be a crab, fish starfish, diver, etc. and put on a little show. And there were tables set up where they could sit down and do puzzles and draw. Very cool.

Checking out the gigantic lobster (that you can’t see in the picture)
O checking out the touch pool.
M doing the same
O inside the crawl under tank
M wanted nothing to do with the dress up section but O wanted to be a crab

We talked about the things that start with A (aquarium, abalone, etc) and we found letter A’s in some of the signs. We also had some review during the car ride of the sounds and what things start with the letter A. Definitely a good day. I’m sure we’ll be back when it gets a little warmer since the beach is right across the parking lot.

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