>Day 4 was what I would like to call…


We went to D’s house, let the kids play for a good hour before attempting anything and all we could get them to really do was color a paper or two in addition to us reminding them about the letter A every once in a while. Our plan:

Make our own paper aquarium.
D had some aquamarine (you know.. the whole color A thing) colored paper so we taped a couple together. She and K had painted at some point in blues and greens so she cut that up into seaweed. We were going to have the kids color different pieces of paper and have a lesson about triangles making triangle shaped fish.

“Were” is the key word there.

We got the boys to sit and color for a while then O finally decided she wanted to join.  They each colored on 1 paper and that was it. Wanted nothing to do with it anymore, which is usually not the case. We got her to sit down and color another paper later and I was able to kind of talk with her about the triangles and how many sides they have but she was completely uninterested.

Luckily, we made a ton of fish so I took this one home and D will make another. It turned out really cute and I’ll just try a shape lesson tomorrow with them using it.

The boys coloring
Our aquarium
I kind of wish I had a little frame to put around it but it’s ok. The kids don’t care.
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