>"B" Week Thoughts and Ideas

>I know we haven’t been through a full week but I’m pretty sure O is going to need tomorrow off. And M hasn’t been into it the last couple days so we are just going to play and take it easy while I regroup. I need to rethink next weeks plan and get some new ideas.

I have been checking around on some of my favorite sites and I’m wondering if I need to switch to a more recognizable theme for each week. So instead of “B” it is “Beach” or “Bakery” or whatever. Still going through the alphabet but base it around a main place or other thing that they love. I’m kind of liking the Bakery thing because it is a little science-y (I think..right?) and includes math and they love it (O requests to go see the cakes every time we go to a grocery store) and they are familiar with it. Not to mention we would probably GO to a bakery. Who wouldn’t want that?! Plus we could make Banana Bread and Blueberry muffins!  Mmmm….

The letter B is easy though, they love so many things that start with B. It is C that is stumping me. But, I’ll worry about that later. I’m pretty sure at this point I have convinced myself to do this new theme thing. Now I just need to come up with other activities besides baking.

Painting (with the color blue and brown of course), sensory tub of some sort (using brown beans maybe?), and other things that I will hopefully come up with. The only down side is that we had a bug hunt and/or butterfly catching thing planned and although I have no clue as to where to do that given the lack of a backyard over here, I thought the kids would love it. But, there is always another time. Maybe “I” for insect?

Ideas are totally welcome and encouraged. I could totally use them right about now.

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3 Responses to >"B" Week Thoughts and Ideas

  1. blubaby says:

    >A song for the sounds that's how darion now knows almost all his sounds. He forgets the tricky sounds sometimes like I and e but it goes something like a is for apple ah ah ah b is for ball buh buh buh c is for cat and so on. I have a big book with all the letters in it we use it as a visual refference for the song. It has worked like a charm. Also u can count fun things like cars or legos or u can write down numbers and have them put 3 beans on the number 3 so there counting and seeing the visual number that goes with it. Also big in my school is sandpaper letters ……..cut letters out of sand paper u take the childs hand (at first) and have them trace it with there finger the same way u would write it. Im not big on themes so im not sure about that but wanted to add that baking is a great way to teach math and chemistry as long as you are informing them about mesurments and chemical reactions and not just letting them mix and just play around

  2. Cave Momma says:

    >Alicia – I know M would love that but I think O would get bored.Gina – awesome ideas. I need to find the song (the melody) for the letter sounds. And good idea on the sand paper or other texture for tracing. I like themes only because it gives me ideas, otherwise I get way overwhelmed with all the possible activities.

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