>Friday Fun and Next Week’s Plan

>As mentioned last time, we definitely took it easy on Friday. The kids played with their toys, we went outside and they got to run around and be kids, Grandma and Grandpa came over. It was a very relaxed day. We did play with playdoh so I was able to sneak some A reminders into that by making an alligator (which I was quite proud of!), an ant, a green apple and we all made big and little letter A’s.

Pretty good, right? It’s like the alligators are swimming! All the purple stuff is O’s, the rest are mine.
Myles decided he wanted to make one too at the end
As for next week I got it all planned out last night. After my big long rambling post about changing my theme style, I have changed my mind. Again. I know, I’m indecisive like that. I decided to get another opinion and contacted 2 Teaching Mommies to get some thoughts on my thoughts. She was oh so helpful and I am oh so excited about next week. It’s much more hands-on experience style with lots of messy play and discovery. Plus I included times of free play in between activities to give them breaks. 
And it is all centered about the letter B. HA! My partner in crime hasn’t had a chance to check it out so the specific days aren’t set in stone but the activities are.
Just for a quick idea of what we are doing:
Sensory tub fun
Shaving cream fun with some letter writing
Bug hunt and playing at the park
Making bubbles with our hands
Beach (since it should be warm for a couple days)
Making homemade sail boats. I’m sure we’ll pretend being pirates again!
D will probably substitute Breakdancing with Baseball since K is totally a little obsessed. Of course, there are actual lessons amongst all of that but I’ll talk about each day as they go. So be sure to check back.

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3 Responses to >Friday Fun and Next Week’s Plan

  1. Vanessa says:

    >Sounds fun Jeneva. We did Tot School all last year and had a good time with it, it is a TON of work but it is so cool to see how quickly they really do pick up on things.

  2. blubaby says:

    >Wow that's funny I was just going to recomend writing letters in shaving cream. Btw its also fun writing in a shallow tray of sand 🙂

  3. Cave Momma says:

    >We may do the sand thing as well since we'll be going to the beach. Thanks!

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