>Letter B – Day 1

>Sunday night I put most of everything together for this week. Some plans have changed due to weather changes and a previously forgotten Friday outing but yesterday things went fairly smoothly. Thank goodness because I was way too sleepy for my brain to start thinking up alternatives.

The materials
There were smooth hard balls, soft squishy balls, books, beads, a big battery (big so I could easily keep track of it it) bowls for scooping, furry pom balls, buttons, and a couple letter B’s. Each of them got their own tub and they each had similar items. Brown beans were used as the fill.

O was up first, as usual, and could barely contain herself after seeing the sensory tubs set out. Being the evil mom I am I made her wait till M got up which was a good hour later. But I think it was worth the wait for her. She actually enjoyed it more than M.

The beans got everywhere but they were easy to pick up
After cleaning that up O wanted to do something else so we did ball painting. They both loved it and I love how they came out!
The end result!
Later in the afternoon we played outside and they wanted to draw with chalk so it was a perfect time to go over the letter Bb.
Those were things the kids wanted me to draw
We also played with our big blue ball
I should mention, I have an ongoing love affair with the Hipstamatic app on my phone so will find some of these scattered into my posts quite often like the one above.
Definitely a good day.
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1 Response to >Letter B – Day 1

  1. Jayne says:

    >This looks like so much fun, and so user-friendly! The ball-painting? GENIUS.

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