>B making and painting!

>I mentioned yesterday that this week’s plan has been changed a bit. Well, those plans were kind of stomped on and scattered in the wind today. Not necessarily a bad thing, I just prefer having a well laid-out plan and sticking to it. But alas, that is life. Right?

The first thing we did today was go over the letter B. I gave them each a piece of paper with the letters Bb written on it. They both knew what letter it was immediately and M was all sorts of excited about the little b. I put glue on the B’s and their job was to put the brown beans on the glue to form the letters. 
O’s challenge (per my request) was to get the beans as close together as possible. I wanted to see how well she could focus on a task as she is usually my mover and shaker. She handled it beautifully and only at the end did she start to lose focus. I’m guessing she just lost interest and I probably should have had her count them. 
M’s challenge (not requested) was simply dexterity. He had a hard time keeping it simple. I showed him how to do it by just putting a bean down and nothing more but he wanted to push it down and it would get stuck to his finger. Then he would get frustrated because it wasn’t working right. I wasn’t sure how to help him overcome that but with more help he got through it and seemed quite proud when he proclaimed himself done.
Sorry, no final result pictures. I’m sure you can figure out how they would look.
I let them free play while I got the next little project together. I had printed and cut out a bunch of B word pictures/words for a collage and needed to finish up a few more. O wanted to help cut too, of course, so I already had a piece of paper for her with images to cut out.  She did pretty well but once the images were cut she just went to town. Her objective is to cut the paper into as many tiny little pieces as she possibly can. 
Yay (insert sarcasm here)
But, I digress. Once we were finished we all glued the pictures/words onto the perimeter of the paper, each with our own section. In the middle I then drew the letter Bb and the kids took blue and brown torn scrap pieces of paper and glued them inside the lines of the B’s. After that they sat there and looked at and talked about each and every picture for a good 10 minutes. O totally got the sound which was my intention with her.
Once dried I hung it up where they could easily go to see it and reference it which they did on a couple occasions later in the day. Definitely a success, I think.
I really wanted to let them play and draw/write in shaving cream today as well but M gave himself a nap and wouldn’t even come out once awake to paint with O (he is slow to wake up unlike little Miss Morning Glory). She had asked to do more ball painting so I let her and that always leads to brushes then hands. In that order. Every time.  
Even though we didn’t get to do the original plan it was still a very productive day and the kids seemed to enjoy it all which is the point.
Tomorrow was supposed to be a beach day but the weather people were wrong (GASP!!) and it just isn’t going to be warm enough so we (meaning D and me) will be taking them bowling tomorrow (shudder… I hate bowling). I think they will enjoy it and I’m sure I’ll enjoy their enjoying. I’m also hoping to get to that whole shaving cream deal tomorrow afternoon. 
So please check back! 
And feedback is appreciated! 
Feedback, ideas, support maybe? 
I could use it all. Thanks!
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2 Responses to >B making and painting!

  1. Momzilla says:

    >I think that you are doing an amazing job! You are giving them great direction and tasks that exercise both sides of the brain. Thank you for some great ideas for when my Gremlin is older. Another thing that might be good for them is to do some pin art. It helps with eye/hand movements and is really simple to make.Though it will take almost constant supervision, especially for M. Draw dots on a piece of paper(like lightbright paper is) then have them poke out a pattern of your choice with a T-pin through the paper on the carpet. When done, hang in a window to see the pattern. Can't wait to read more…keep them coming 🙂

  2. Cave Momma says:

    >You actually make a great point. I really need to read up on that whole side of the brain thing to make sure I continue with it.And thanks for the idea! I think if I use the big style pins we could do it with little issue. I could probably tie that into a star/constellation deal.

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