>This homeschool thing could work

>My last post was a tad negative and whiny sounding. Probably because I was sleep deprived and my son was sick and whiny and my daughter was bored and not being all that nice.

But that’s reality and sometimes I will be writing those types of posts. Don’t hate on me for it. The positive thing I realized is that I won’t have to worry about work when the kids get sick. (And this is not hating on those working moms because I was one of them and sometimes I miss it. So shush) 
Now. Back to the whole point of this blog…
Once M got some medicine and it kicked in things started looking up. I finally got both of them involved in an activity. One of my original plans for this week was to let them play in shaving cream. More so, let O practice drawing and writing in it. 

I can’t say it was a total win. M HATED it. He loved the idea and was very excited… until he stuck his fingers in it. He hated it on his hands. He gets the same way with anything else so I already knew it might not work for him.
As for O, I’m not sure if maybe I used too much (there was a lot) or if she was just too interested in getting messy but my idea didn’t work out so well. O is girly on the outside but inside a total tomboy. She adores anything messy and her physical abilities amaze me. She yeah.. we’ll do it again but next time I won’t use so much and maybe it won’t be such a novelty.
Or maybe I’ll just use something else like a salt box. 
After some clean up, food and running around outside we came back to do a B project. I saw this idea on one of my fav sites and O was excited about it when she saw it. I cut out the yellow B’s while the kids practiced cutting up black stripes.  I still had to finish the stripes but they did a decent job. They each glued their own stripes while I talked myself out of fixing them all (perfectionism and kids do NOT go together). They turned out super cute and the kids got to “buzz buzz buzz” around with them.
 I still don’t have any damn pipe cleaners so paper had to do. Good thing the kids don’t care.
Top: O  Bottom: M
On another note, I need some help with something. O is at a great age where she wants to learn and do a lot but she is also wanting better structure. I would like to come up with a good way to show her a schedule. Ideally, a daily and weekly that is child friendly. I’m just not sure how to go about setting that whole thing up. It would also be best if it could easily be changed when things come up. I could also use a behavior chart for her so feel free to help me out there too.
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3 Responses to >This homeschool thing could work

  1. Kathryn says:

    >We got an excellent behavior chart from Kohl's by Melissa and David. It's magnetic and it comes with all sorts of activities that you can change in and out. Plus all different kinds of colored "stickers" for when they get to fill in what responsibilities the completed.On the side of organization, why don't you make arrangements to visit a pre-school and see how they format their days. Another thought is NickJr. has excellent materials on their website for planning activities and also has full lesson plans. Parentsconnect.com is another resource I like!

  2. Kathryn says:

    >Oh, and by Melissa and David, I clearly meant Melissa and Doug….. 🙂

  3. Cave Momma says:

    >I will definitely be checking that out at Kohl's, thanks!And thanks for the other ideas. Now I just need to get on all that.

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