>A non-scheduled schedule

>I am finally coming to the conclusion I need one. When I was a working woman (you know, because I’m not now) I got up every morning with little issue and no caffeine and almost always got to work on time or even early. My husband considered me a work-a-holic for a while and I probably was. Hell, I still am just in a different way.

Since staying at home that whole waking up thing and being anywhere near productive has gone out the window.  I can blame it on the kids all I want but really, it’s because I don’t NEED to be anywhere. I’m not going to get fired. Although I’m sure I’ll be told that or something similar in the coming years by my wonderful daughter.

But that’s for another post at a later (much later if I’m lucky) time. I want to start getting up early again to work out and start my day before the kids get up. I love that time in the morning when it’s still quiet and peaceful and working out then really helps me wake up for the day. But I have yet to do it. Without that need, my motivation is non-existent.

And I am realizing that O really enjoys a schedule throughout the day. She becomes much more difficult on days like we had this week with a changed up, whacked out schedule due to inclement weather and a sick brother.

Not to mention, I need to figure out the whole cleaning thing. I keep hoping a little fairy or maybe some elves will magically come in while we are gone but that has yet to happen.

So my current obsession is figuring out how to make up a schedule for us that the kids can easily understand and that hopefully will help with the whole motivation thing.

Ideas are welcome and strongly encouraged. Oh, and I like pictures.

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1 Response to >A non-scheduled schedule

  1. Kathryn says:

    >Maybe your theme for your 'c' week could be cleaning? LOLMy mom uses the FlyLady. She has a site on the internet, google her. You do little bits of cleaning each night and focus on the "hot spots" (places that things are just left out of convenience) every night. You do like 15 minutes a night.

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