>When Momma Gets Sick

>Over the weekend I caught somebody’s cold.

Replace “Kitteh” with “kids” and “sodas” with “water” and this is our house

Thankfully nothing more, but the simple cold virus makes me sleep like crap so I have no energy the next day. Awesome. Pair that with our massive power outage that lasted all damn day Sunday (thank you Mother Nature) and I got nothing done for this week.

In fact, today I did pretty much nothing. I slept like crap again last night so although I woke up feeling a bit better (aside from the kids waking up earlier which is common when they go to bed later… wtf??) I still had little to no energy. So we watched tv and played.

Or really, they watched tv and played while I sat on the couch for the first few hours of the day.

yep… this was pretty much me this morning on the couch

So my question is…

How do y’all handle sick days? Handling my kids’ sick days is easier because they are pretty good even when sick and it doesn’t happen all that often anyway. But me? I don’t WANT to go through a lesson with them or do an activity that requires my supervision (which is most).

Do you just suck it up and do it then pass out later? Or do you basically call in sick and let them run amok as they please?

I guess I would just like some confirmation that it’s ok for me to do that second one. Because that’s pretty much what I did today. And I’m not gonna apologize.

(obviously… I love this website and will use it whenever I don’t have my own picture to add).

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