>Tuesday was a play day. We were all still trying to get back into a good schedule and I’m still working on getting 100% healthy. I’m almost there just not all the way.

We hung out with D and K for a long play day. She had a rough morning so hopefully we were able to help make the rest of the day better. The kids played great together which made it that less stressful and she even fed us all (love her!).

Anyway, my point to this post is to talk about organization or our lack of it which came up in our discussions. I figured I would post here and maybe get some cheap, space saving ideas from you guys.

Part of my issue is space. I have very little space to store anything and with the impending move, I am not about to go buy a bunch of new stuff without knowing how it will all fit into a new place.

However, we have a lot of bookcases in our front room. We have one of these which holds all of our actual books, games and other things. This is on the opposite side of our front room though. It provides a nice little reading corner for the kids.

And 2 of these. These act as part of our entertainment center, housing our entertainment stuff at the top of each side. The bottom 3 shelves currently hold the storage containers with the paints, playdoh and crayons plus other random (literally) stuff.

I can definitely rearrange everything (except for the entertainment stuff) so I’m thinking I could utilize these better. I seriously love these bookcases. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting some of these nifty inserts at some point to help make things look nicer.

Maybe one of the drawer inserts (though the 2 drawer one is pretty shallow, maybe good for paper!)

Or maybe a door insert on a couple to make it look nicer since this stuff is out in our front room.

I also have no clue what to do with our finished projects. I figure I’ll keep putting them up on the wall (maybe getting a cork board to pin them to throughout the week) but what about after? Do I put them all in a folder and keep them for a year? Do I throw them out? I’m not the hoarding type so unless I’m going to use them later I would just assume take a picture and toss them.  Does anyone have a better idea?

So between this and the schedule thing and the general trying-to-get-our-weeks-planned-out, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.

Ideas would be appreciated!

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