>Me Being Productive

>Productivity was at a standstill the beginning of this week (as you may remember if you had read my previous posts. Which you totally should be, btw.). However, with the help of D it ended quite well. 

Wednesday I was finally able to get my butt in gear and we did a bit of review. Mainly just searching out A’s and B’s in our every day things, reading lots of books and also… 

building boats.

My awesome mom gave me a couple of medium sized boxes and while the kids decorated them I duct taped a mast into one of the corners. I used wrapping paper rolls. I had one that only had a small amount left on it so I used it (provided nice decoration that O loved anyway) and I used another that was still brand new with the plastic wrap on it so the tape didn’t ruin any inch of it! 

Anyway, I made sails out of our Trader Joe paper bags (they decorated). I decided to make them rectangular because that’s how the kids are used to seeing sails on pirate ships (and of course, that’s what they wanted to be!). They had telescopes but they didn’t want hats. Probably because last time the hats didn’t sit on their heads well. Oh well. 

O was a little upset that I wouldn’t take them out in the rain so they could float on the water. She was also upset that it wouldn’t move. No joke. She hasn’t quite gotten down the whole imagination thing. Either that or she is just a very literal child (I have always been like that so wouldn’t surprise me). 

Instead we just took went out to our balcony where we looked for an island to find buried treasure. 

You know I’m totally saying this in my head with a pirate “accent” and doing the whole “arrrrrrgh” thing. Right?

It started raining so I told them to look at the sky and check out the “storm that’s a-brewin’.. arrrrgh”. So they wanted their blankets so they could go in the cabin and wait out the storm.

They kept peaking out at each other and laughing. Too freakin cute I tell ya

That lasted for quite a while. Later the boats became dog houses (O is pretty obsessed. No, we don’t have a dog).

Today we took the kids bowling (the first time for mine and only the second for K). They had a good time but we went a little too late in the morning so the kids were getting hungry and fussy and O was getting distracted by the arcade. I *think* K won but they were all pretty close. 

M pushing his ball down
O deciding to pick up the heaviest one there. I think it was 9 lbs
 K thought about it too
 K’s daddy helped him get the really heavy one
 O favored the pink ball (I think 8 lbs)
Victory dance!

Definitely worth it. They had a good time although we didn’t talk about the math involved, it was still about balls and rolling and pushing (O wanted to push the ball down a couple times but realized that way sucked). If we go again, we’ll probably talk more about the numbers involved.

And here is the SUPER productive part. After the bowling we all played at D’s house where the kids halfway played with paper airplanes but while they all played oh so nicely together D and I were actually able to sit down and hash out the next few weeks! 

So my project for the weekend is to get the kids’ schedule put together as I envision it. D put together a rough schedule for us so that’s done too. I’m also hoping to get some of my rearranging of the bookshelf stuff to better organize us.

Progress, people. 

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