C is for….

Monday was kind of a haphazard-ish day. I started a new schedule that required my getting up super-de-duper early for working out (such a love hate relationship with that whole early thing) and I thought more was planned out but I was wrong.

So I just threw some ideas together and it worked out kinda sorta. I had wanted to introduce the long C sound first and just work through that. But, we had planned on doing that Tuesday with D and K and I didn’t want to duplicate everything. That sound doesn’t have much to work off of (celery – which my kids hate, cereal, circle, circus – which I’m not willing to deal with, and centipede) though.

Instead I decided on a couple of things I thought they would like and went with it regardless of sound.

To introduce the letter C, I decided on caterpillar C’s. Once again, another great idea from the wonder woman over at No Time For Flash Cards. I tried to have them sort the colors out but they just wanted to squish them in their hands so we’ll try that another time. I know they can do it but it’s always good practice.

Our C caterpillar C’s (sans antennae)
 They turned out super cute. I really have to get some pipe cleaners though.
They wanted to do more so I gave them strips of paper to rip up to make a Colorful C. They did pretty well with the ripping this time and they really like filling in the letters with the pieces (we did this for B too).
 The end result

After lunch we did a painting project. My kids could paint every day and they would never tire of it, I’m sure. They love getting messy. This time I had them start with circle stamping. I gave them different things of varying sizes to use (a mini pot for plants, a bowl and a couple lids). They weren’t too excited about trying the different things. M took to the mini pot and only once changed to something different. O was ok with trying a few but she got over the stamping pretty quick. She just wanted to get her hands in there to make me a “pretty mess”.

I love how M’s came out (his hand prints next to it)
M’s work including her “pretty mess”
They seemed to do well with the concept and as we read our books we pointed out C’s and other letters. We also did a puzzle that is a city scene which worked well. M is starting to really get the concept of matching puzzle pieces and O is pretty darn good at them (I adore puzzles so this makes me happy).
Definitely a productive day.
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