Good Idea, Bad Idea

Tuesday we spent with D and K. After letting the kids play for a bit, we got them started with Cheerios. They wanted a little snack and Cheerios are little circles! So we talked about the word cereal and how these are little circles and we practiced counting them. We showed them the words and had them point out the letters the recognized, it was good.

Then we moved to the backyard for a circle hunt. The kids found lots of circles in the tables and wheels and other things. Definitely a win.

Finding circles in the wheel of the (evil) popper and the (taken apart) fountain

After that we did circle stamping. My kids were not that into it. Probably because they had already done it the day before and probably because they just like making messes. Oh well, it worked well for us on Monday so it wasn’t a big deal. However, K’s came out great! He did really well with the stamping and D helped him practice drawing circles.

D and K – K is OBSESSED (really… he is. no exaggeration) with baseball so he was drawing the lines in the circles to make baseballs
 O choosing to paint the cup opposed to stamping with it. I think we’ll have to do a figurine painting soon.

After that we had lunch, or at least offered them lunch while we ate. We offered macaroni (they look like C’s), a cucumber caterpillar (oh so cute, I should have gotten a picture), carrots and corn. D and I thought it was awesome but alas, our kids are picky eaters.

After that we did one more project that we should have just left alone. We were trying to incorporate celery somehow. My kids know what it is (thank you Wonder Pets) but they don’t like to eat it. I don’t blame them. So we thought we would let them paint with it.



We had to set them up inside because it was starting to get windy and cold. Not a big deal, we have painted inside before. It was fine for about a minute. Then K slapped the celery down on the paper. Wouldn’t have been a big deal but then M did it too.

Again, not a big deal usually.

But he had a huge glob of paint on his celery. Can you guess where this is going??

Paint went a-flyin’. I was standing by the boys. Therefore, I went a-runnin’. I got paint splatters on my shirt, chest, face and hair. D and I were smart and wore black shirts.

Again, not too big of a deal. All 3 kids were doing it at this point and there were paint splatters everywhere. But they were having fun and nobody was crying.

But then…

D’s lovely hubby came home. I am smiling just thinking of this because as much as it was a pain in my butt, it was hilarious and the kids LOVED it.

He prompted M to put his (now painted) hands on his face. At first he wasn’t so sure but O changed all of that. She needed no other ok to get her hands covered in paint and proceeded to slap her face with said hands. I lost it. Laughing so hard I had to leave the room. M joined in and once I pulled my crap together I showed K how to do the same.

Sorry D… I know you were the one to clean him up. But I blame your hubs.

Not our best idea. However, the kids had a blast so it wasn’t terrible.

After the paint flying incident
You can guess. M had it all over his face, ear and some on his hair. O kept it to her cheeks and dress
K took some prodding to get this done but it was cute.

We were thoroughly exhausted after cleaning them and everything else but it was definitely a successful day.

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  1. Grandma VG says:

    >We use old used adult T-shirts or shirts as smocks for painting for the kids.

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