Sometimes Mommas Need a Time Out Too

Today ended up being a crappy day. I got to bed extra late on Tuesday and I didn’t sleep well because the kids didn’t sleep well. I decided not to get up at 5am for a workout thinking the extra couple hours of sleep would help my ability to think and cope with the day. I was half way right.

We all got up and got ready to go. The plan was to get to Target for a few needed items then we could start our crafts and fun for the day. We got to the car and lo and behold….

no key.

I had keys, just not my car key. We had an incident a few days ago with a key being broken in the car door so we had to switch around car keys. Then we had another switch-a-roo last night trying to figure out other stuff and the hubs accidentally took both of my car keys.

To put it mildly, I was pissed. I wasn’t mad at him or me or the kids, just the situation. I was upset because that meant no park, no doing the activities I had wanted/planned for. It meant the kids would be cooped up at home. With me. It didn’t help that I had a giant headache and I was tired. And so were they.

Once back upstairs I put on some cartoons and stewed in my annoyance for a while. The kids got whiny and I was too annoyed to deal properly so I gave them lunch and told them I was taking a time out.

I went in their room (since that’s where time outs are taken), closed the door and laid on M’s bed. After maybe 5 minutes of quiet and dark (their room stays dark, it’s awesome), M started looking for me and I felt rejuvenated so I got up.

It’s amazing what a time out for ME can do. I get overwhelmed by sounds, especially when I’m annoyed, angry, etc and if I can’t get away from the noise I will probably have a nervous breakdown. At least that’s the feeling.

After I got myself back together and lunch was over, we painted our egg cartons for our caterpillar’s.

The rest of the day was spent trying to keep them happy and busy so they would have the least amount of time to think about whining at me. I was half way successful.

At least I didn’t need another time out. I’m desperately hoping tomorrow will be easy.

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