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Eggs and Easter! And some candy….

Since we worked it out perfectly to where E week would coincide with Easter, we were able to dye eggs on Friday. I’ll be honest in that I’m a little sad we didn’t do a small batch by ourselves at … Continue reading

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Eagles and Elephants

Sorry for such a long lapse in writing, it has been crazy busy. I’ll just start where we left off in E week. But first… Check out the raccoon that decided to come say hi while O was in her … Continue reading

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THEE Dino Dig

Dinosaurs. Dirt. Digging. Not to mention drums and dancing? How much more awesome can one day be with all those things? Not much more to a kid. It was a totally fun day. The dino dig was THEE best part. … Continue reading

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E is for Busy! Wait… what?

I know, E isn’t for busy but that’s what it seems like. This week started a new schedule. O started a “Preschool in Nature” class this week. I am super DUPER excited about it but it really throws a wrench … Continue reading

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A Rambling of Sorts

So sorry for the lapse. It has been a bit busy. Last week I was sick but once I found myself feeling better I realized my home looked awful. And my in-laws were coming to visit on Sunday. Which means … Continue reading

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Wherein I Worry

We are programmed to worry. We moms, that is. The day we find out we are pregnant, it begins and it will never go away. Currently, my worry is whether what I am doing is getting through. Are they learning? … Continue reading

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Our Week So Far

We did nothing┬ávery little on Monday. The kids were exhausted and just weren’t going to do well with anything. Tuesday we kicked off D week with a simple activity. I wrote D’s on a piece of construction paper in dots. … Continue reading

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