La Habra Children’s Museum

I forgot to post about our trip to the La Habra Children’s Museum last Saturday.Thanks to Target, on the first Saturday of every month they open their doors for free. We hadn’t been in almost a year and they changed one of their rooms so we weren’t really sure what to expect but for the most part it was just as awesome as before. 

When you first walk in there is everything from a dinosaur dig area, a car with different kinds of fuel to learn about, a play kitchen and bathroom to see how water gets to your bathroom plus other things. M was in heaven with the car.
The dig area which is awesome since we’ll be doing that later this week.
The kitchen area
The bathroom area watching what happens when you flush a toilet
Of course… the car
Some gears to turn
We spent some time in the Pre-school Playpark where there is another kitchen mock-up, riding toys, blocks, legos, a train table and more. M found the train table and probably could have spent the rest of the day there if I hadn’t pulled him away.
The rest of the room
Then we checked out the other side where the carousel is. It has a little market you can pretend to shop at and a real OCTA bus to play on.
Riding the bus
We visited their new water exhibit room but it was a little over their head. It’s all about learning how water works and learning about water conservation.
A lot of the time was spent in the Kids on Stage (dress up) room. There are TONS of shoes, hats and clothes to try on with a stage and microphone to perform on. They even have a lighting/sound booth to play with. O loved this.
They also have a train room, a nature room, a cultural room and real trains you can take tour through but we didn’t get to those. After spending lots of time inside we took them to the playground outside.
Lots of fun was had and if you are in the Southern California area, this place is wonderful.
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  1. >This is one of our favorite places – since it's only a couple minutes away from us. Charlotte, predictably, loves the carousel lol. I love to see that older kids enjoy it too =) My favorite part is the dress-up area. When I was a kid, we used to go there and stage elaborate plays a couple times a week after school! Fun memories!

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