Our Week So Far

We did nothing very little on Monday. The kids were exhausted and just weren’t going to do well with anything. Tuesday we kicked off D week with a simple activity. I wrote D’s on a piece of construction paper in dots. I asked each of them to follow the dots and write the letters. O did really well and was very happy to do it. M needed a little help obviously but was pretty excited about it too.

Then they were asking to color so I quickly printed off a couple worksheets and let them go at it while we talked about everything.

After I cleaned all that up I asked them if they wanted to make dog ears. They love pretending to be dogs so I knew this would be a hit. They each picked their own colors and drew on the paper then I quickly cut it all out and stapled/taped it together. O loved wearing her around, M not-so-much. He’s pretty picky about when and what he allows on his head.

A little later, as a last-minute decision, we met up with D at a duck park.

K was already going at it when we got there.
O quickly joined in and M was a little indifferent for the most part. Though he loved pointing them out.
K finishing out his throw. I just love the black/white-ness of this picture along with his blond curls.

FYI – Geese poop is horrid. It was EVERYWHERE and it was big and green. There was no getting around it and it got all over their shoes. I have never encountered this at the other duck ponds we have visited so I attribute the nastiness to the geese. We will not be going back there. I’ll still to the one I know. We adults had this vision of one of the kids throwing the food so hard they would go face first onto the nastiness.


So that was our day. Not a terrible start, I should say.

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2 Responses to Our Week So Far

  1. Mel says:

    >love the dog ears idea!

  2. Jayne says:

    >I love all of your activities! Simple, yet so smart!

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