A Rambling of Sorts

So sorry for the lapse. It has been a bit busy. Last week I was sick but once I found myself feeling better I realized my home looked awful. And my in-laws were coming to visit on Sunday. Which means I spent a good portion of the weekend cleaning. There was also lots of house hunting. Well, apartment hunting at least. I love house hunting but it’s oh so tiring.

Since all that cleaning was done over the weekend Monday was wide open! However, the poor kids were kept up late both nights so we stayed home to the keep the naps from happening. Yes, you heard that right. I do NOT want my kids to nap. When they do, they are up until 10pm. No nap means they are out by 8pm. Oh, and did I mention the later O goes to sleep, the earlier she wakes up?

Not cool.

So yeah, no naps if I can help it.

Tuesday we went on another color hunt. This time we just went on a nature walk, no playground. I really wasn’t sure what we would find but it was very nice and peaceful. Even though M had me carry him the majority of the time. We found lots of flowers in yellow, purple, blue and orange. Plus lots of green (duh), grey, and brown (duh again). It’s a nature preserve so we couldn’t pick flowers which worked well since there were TONS of bees.

Bees make me nervous. Mainly because I have never been stung (yet) so I obviously don’t know how it feels. Plus M hasn’t been stung and the whole idea of finding out about an allergy the hard way scares the begeezuz out of me. Yes, I carry the Benadryl with me everywhere.

But it was lots of fun.

We found roly pollys
The first time letting one on their hands
Smelling the flowers that DIDN’T have bees anywhere near them
We found a small area to relax at before heading back.
Watching the bugs and sitting on the rocks

We made shape castles. They drew the weather first, with both of them deciding it should be raining at the castle.

Then they glued their shapes down. I drew a basic one to give them some reference on where to put their shapes.

They turned out pretty darn good! They made sure to use every single shape I made for them

Tuesday and Wednesday we just spent playing at our home with lots of book reading.. We counted a lot, we made macaroni C’s (since the macaroni looks like mini c’s), rode bikes, etc. etc.. We also did some drumming and dancing and lots of pretending to be dogs.

Thursday we played at D’s reviewing the letter C. We made crabs. We were supposed to use paper plates but I was out so I just used some thick card stock which worked well. I made it into another shape and size lesson.

We practiced walking like crabs and (nicely) pinching like crabs. O got a kick out of pinching noses.
K and his crab

M was totally against playing with the crabs, he just wanted to be held. And held, and held some more.

**insert eye roll here**

Can’t WAIT to tell you all about today. It was FAB.U.LOUS!

D. Dinosaurs. Dirt. Drums.


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