E is for Busy! Wait… what?

I know, E isn’t for busy but that’s what it seems like. This week started a new schedule. O started a “Preschool in Nature” class this week. I am super DUPER excited about it but it really throws a wrench into our week. She goes 2 days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for just 1.5 hours and it’s early so we are home by noon.

But those were the days we were getting together with D and it’s just a bit late for us to still keep those days. So that means we are getting together Wednesdays and Fridays with D. Which means we are out and busy 4 days a week.

That’s totally awesome but wow.. have you seen gas prices? And that’s kind of exhausting. Especially when the weekends are busy like last weekend was and like this weekend will be.

Speaking of…

EASTER! Which we worked perfectly with our letter weeks. Of course we are going over other things like elephants and eagles and everything else that’s relevant.

Which brings me to our first (and only so far) craft/lesson this week. I like introducing them to the letter first by having them work with the letter. Unfortunately, E doesn’t lend itself to lots of ideas for this. I decided on eggs. I have had some nice cardstock for a couple of years now and I decided it was a great time to use it. It’s shiny and pattern-y and colorful and good for sorting.

It took me a while to get a nice egg shape and cut out a bunch (I don’t have a fancy egg shape cutter) but once I did the kids went to town. I had to make the E’s pretty big so it didn’t work with the little e. More on that in a minute though.

He’s totally got this down now. But he still hates getting the glue on his hands
The final.

So we tried doing it with the little e too. But with making the e into faces with eyes and ears. M did fine. Drew his eyes and ears no problem after I made a reference for him and helped guide his hands. But O…

She is my little perfectionist. She has little patience for things like this but she wants to do them oh so badly. Every time she tried to draw the eyes she got incredibly frustrated and mad. So I sat with her to help and we were good until I used a different color for the tongue (she requested all the features of a face including cheeks… how do you draw cheeks??). Then all hell broke loose and the tantrum was EP.IC.

I seriously heard noises coming out of her I have never heard before.

That was the end of our activity filled day.

Today was much better but neither of them were interested in doing activities after class and lunch. Not even playdoh!

Tomorrow we’ll be getting together with D to make elephant masks, hand print eagles and talking about eyes, ears and elbows. It should be fun and productive.

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