THEE Dino Dig

Dinosaurs. Dirt. Digging. Not to mention drums and dancing?

How much more awesome can one day be with all those things?

Not much more to a kid. It was a totally fun day. The dino dig was THEE best part. D has a big 2 part sand/water table. We emptied out the sand and poured in soil and then hid the dinos. I really wanted to do a puzzle. The kind that make a dinosaur skeleton. But I thought it would be too complicated especially for the boys. And then I found these! Totally perfect!

They were so excited to find them.
They used shovels and rake things.
As we thought, the boys didn’t want to get too dirty but O had no issue.
K found a dino!
More playing

We did this a few times as it didn’t take long to find the 12 dinosaurs. The boys even went back out after lunch to initiate their own dig. It was so much fun!

Later in the day we brought out all the drums and let them go to town. D’s brother lent us his steel drum and sticks which was awesome. I brought my 2 little child-size drums and D brought her bigger one. The kids had a blast making tons of noise. We tried to get them to dance too but O was the only one who wanted to.

Who doesn’t love the sound of a steel drum??
Tried out the little bongos
I think I might have a mini drummer here

The kids did so well with these activities. I love it!

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