Eagles and Elephants

Sorry for such a long lapse in writing, it has been crazy busy. I’ll just start where we left off in E week. But first…

Check out the raccoon that decided to come say hi while O was in her class! He (she?) came right up a few feet away and sniffed around for a few minutes before meandering off. I always forget how big they are. Aren’t these guys supposed to be more nocturnal?? I wish O could have seen him, M didn’t care much.

Wednesday we made hand print eagles and elephant masks. Lots of fun! Although M wasn’t too interested in much of it for some reason.

We painted our paper plates first for the elephant masks. Really, only O wanted to paint. The boys just played outside so we moms painted for them.

While the paint dried we made our eagles. The kids love to trace their hands so this was a hit all around. We were even able to get them all involved in gluing the parts together.

Being silly with the eagle beak.
K showing off his eagle. He chose the giant-sized googly eyes. Very cute, very cartoonish.
O showing off hers. After gluing everything together, M was done and just wanted to play outside.

After lunch we moved onto the elephant masks. O’s came out awesome with lots of character since she didn’t feel the need to paint it all perfectly.

They had a great time. M could not have cared less. He liked the elephants from afar. Would not try his on at all. It wasn’t all that surprising but he didn’t even really want to hold it or anything. Whatever.

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