Eggs and Easter! And some candy….

Since we worked it out perfectly to where E week would coincide with Easter, we were able to dye eggs on Friday.

I’ll be honest in that I’m a little sad we didn’t do a small batch by ourselves at home. O loved doing it last year but with already doing it once, I just didn’t see the need. Especially since we don’t hide real eggs. Oh well, there is always next year. And then I won’t have to worry about M possibly drinking the dyed water. He isn’t too much of an oral kid but when he wants water he is quite persistent.

Prior to the egg dying madness the kids sat outside and chatted.

And then it began! Since we were at D’s (mom’s) house we had to be extra careful. We didn’t want to take a chance on things breaking or staining or any of that so it wasn’t quite as fun and crazy as any of us would have liked (last year I let O do all the dying by herself) but it was still good. Next year will be even better.

Yes, that shirt is mostly white. Yes, I know that dye will stain. I wasn’t thinking properly so shush. 

After all of that we made nests for our eggs. We might have made them first but I don’t remember. All I know is that it didn’t work quite as we had hoped. We had to use a crazy amount of glue. I mean, D and I were just pouring it over the sticks hoping something would dry correctly. And it took a good 24+ hours to dry. Seriously. But they are cute!

The weekend was full with two different Easter celebrations. Saturday D held hers with a great egg hunt and BBQ. She was totally awesome and put together mini baskets for all the kids that attended. There were little bug magnifying glasses, stickers, tattoos (for O), some colorful goldfish crackers (for the addicted M) plus other things I can’t remember now.

O had to use her magnifying glass to find the eggs. So funny!

 O checking out her stash. The eggs were filled with stickers, colorful goldfish and the big ones had mini playdoh’s and chalk!
The goldfish was the best part. The kids all considered it candy and loved every piece. 

Then the bubbles were turned on and everyone went nuts.

Definitely an awesome time. Sunday was a yearly tradition with family and friends and the kids got to go on another egg hunt where they collected way too much candy. Luckily, they are still young enough to where I can hide the candy later and they don’t even notice the next day. I have used it as a bribing tool the past couple days but most of it is going to my dad this weekend. I do not need that crap in my house (because I’ll eat it).

Just as a note, I decided to take this week off. The hubby is on Spring Break and we have been out a lot so it didn’t make sense to try to cram in F lessons. Works out best for D too as she is moving this week. So we’ll start back up next week. Until then I’ll probably share a few fun things we have done but otherwise, be back next week with LOTS of great activities.

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